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CRACKFIC: TinkerBong’s Birthday Wish

A/N: Sorry I got carried away.  1,080 words of crackfic….

Beads of sweat trickled down the sides of TinkerBong’s face as he weaved through the thick undergrowth of the forest. He has never gone this far into the Misty Mountains before, but then he never had a reason to.  Until now.

He has been flying and searching for hours.  The humidity was tiring him out but he refused to give up.  It should be here.  The old shaman from the Indian Camp said so.

And he was right!

There, partly hidden by walnut saplings was the magical chili pepper shrub!  Its dark green leaves were gleaming while its ruby fruits were glowing.

Take a bite from the magical chili pepper and your wish will come true.

TinkerBong plucked one ripe pepper and hugged it and kissed it.  ”At last, my dream will finally come true!  I will be as tall as Pilgyo Pan and WenDwig,” he exclaimed happily.

He recalled his conversation with his friends when he confessed that he didn’t want to be a tiny fairy anymore. He was tired of always having to fly up to their faces in order to see eye-to-eye.  He hated that he can’t participate in some of their games because he was too tiny and always needed to fly to keep up with them.

Oh, TinkerBong, you are perfect just the way you are,” WenDwig cooed with a Canadian accent.

Pilgyo Pan nodded in agreement but TinkerBong believed that they don’t really know what they’re talking about. They haven’t walked in his shoes.  

So TinkerBong took a bite of the magical chili pepper and closed his eyes.  After a few seconds, he opened them and saw he was still the same.  He was still CHITCHAI!  TinkerBong’s heart broke a little.  He believed it would work and he was sorely disappointed it didn’t.

He went back to the Lost Boys’ tree house and sulked.

Everyone seemed to be busy preparing for his birthday that they didn’t notice TinkerBong was unhappy.

But on the early morning of July 28, a scream echoed across Never Neverland.  It was followed by laughter and jubilation because TinkerBong’s wish finally came true. At first his friends were shocked at the transformation but seeing TinkerBong so happy they did not question it further.

They feasted the whole day, danced and drank the night away.  Pilgyo sang Pilgyo Pan’s Serenade while WenDwig danced with a chair.  TinkerBong did both — singing and dancing — and even ripped his shirt off because he said it had gone out of style.

What TinkerBong didn’t know was that as he remained human-sized, his powers had also slowly faded.

The painful realization came the next morning when TinkerBong, Pilgyo Pan, WenDwig and the Lost Boys were bound and gagged on top of Captain Mun’s inter-galactic battlecruiser.  TinkerBong tried to magically untie everybody’s hands but nothing happened when she cast the spell.

"I ask you again, Pilgyo Pan, where is the treasure that you stole from me?" Captain Mun tilted Pilgyo Pan’s chin with the tip of his sword.

"Let us go and I will escort you to where I hid them," Pilgyo Pan negotiated.

Captain Mun burst out laughing.  ”Choong Jae-ya, look! Pilgyo Pan thinks I will fall for his silly trap!”

"Captain!  I told you to call me Smee Jin or Mr. Smee for short!  I have already changed my passport from Republic of Korea to Never Neverland and with that I’ve also changed my name.  Please don’t call me Choong Jae anymore.  That name gives me nightmares," Smee Jin whispered loudly in Captain Mun’s ear because the old pirate refuses to use a hearing aid.

WenDwig, who has been to many places in her life and time and who has sang a lot of songs and made some bad rhymes, immediately understood Smee Jin’s concern.  WenDwig has been to South Korea before and in fact, if she survives this recent attack by Captain Mun, she will be returning to Seoul mid-August to reprise her role in a play that made her popular as a stage actress. (But anyway, we digress… as I was saying…) WenDwig motioned the Lost Boys to lean close and she whispered something in their ears.

"Choong Jae-ya," Captain Mun hollered, because Smee Jin’s request had fallen on deaf ears, "prepare the plank!"

Smee Jin huffed and pouted before doing Captain Mun’s bidding.

But then the Lost Boys chanted, “Sal Choong Jae!  Gu Choong Jae!  Sal Choong Jae!  Gu Choong Jae!”

Smee Jin’s lips quivered.  ”You’re all meanies!” he cried, dropping the plank and running down towards his quarters below.  A door slammed but they could still hear him wailing.  Captain Mun ran after Smee Jin to console his trusty sidekick.

TinkerBong didn’t know what to do.  Time was running out.  Then by deus ex machina, an apparition of the shaman appeared and said, “Do you want to take back your wish?”

TinkerBong nodded eagerly.

"If so, you and your friends need to believe that you were perfect the way you were before when you were but a tiny fairy.  Do you believe that?"

Everybody nodded and they started chanting, “We love TinkerBong just the way he was.  We love TinkerBong just the way he was.”

TinkerBong also admitted to himself that being tiny wasn’t that bad. He was more free with his wings than he is with feet.  He missed dancing like a butterfly.  As he started to believe in himself and liked the way he was before, TinkerBong could feel his powers returning.

With a blast of golden light, TinkerBong was back as the tiny and lively fairy everybody loved.  He sprinkled everyone with pixie dust. The ropes came off and everybody thought of happy thoughts.  As they started flying away, TinkerBong mischievously left a surprise for Captain Mun.

When Smee Jin finally calmed down, he and Captain Mun came out back on the deck to find their prisoners gone.  In their place was Crocodile Andee, Captain Mun’s most feared being in Never Neverland.

"Help!" Captain Mun shrieked as he ran to escape the swift and deadly Crocodile Andee.  Smee Jin tried to help Captain Mun but he couldn’t both Captain Mun and Crocodile Andee were too fast for him.  Andee seemed to be enjoying the chase because he was the only crocodile Smee Jin saw with such a zombie-like grin on his face.

Back at the Lost Boys’ tree house, TinkerBong thanked everyone for believing in him.  

"Trust us, TinkerBong, we love you just the way you are. You never needed to change a thing.  You are perfect!" 

### THE END ###


*thanks to yanne for supplying me with the andy screenshot! ^_^*


Is this how you live your life YJH? Kikwang is NOT amused.



K-Pop has done so many things to me…

The first thing I used to imagine hearing the word “boyband”:


What I think of now, after K-Pop:


My reaction to abs before K-Pop:


My reaction to abs after K-Pop:


Seeing fancy clothes on guys before K-Pop:


And after K-Pop:


My attitude when it came to boyfriends before K-Pop:


After K-Pop:


Having a crush on someone famous before K-Pop:


After K-Pop:


So now, if any of my biases goes


I go



have you ever started reading a book and just put it down and thought “i have read better fiction by fifteen-year-olds with microsoft word and a account”

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Do you ever watch a kdrama and you can’t finish the episode you are on just because it is killing you on the inside due to all the events in one episode

Because I’m


Normal person: Happy

911, what's your emergency

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a representation of all second leads in kdramas


a representation of all second leads in kdramas

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